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Grill Masks are the best way to temporarily cover heating registers and grills.  Grill Masks are desgned to be low tack, won't remove paint and leave no residue.  Two sizes to choose from. 


A low-maintenance reusable respirator that has no parts to replace except filters and cartridges. This respirator is one of the lightest reusable half mask respirators available. Extremely cost effective, it can be washed and reused many times.  Three sizes available.

*Please note, MWW items require a $50 minimum order (can be combined with other MWW items).


The Chimney Balloon fireplace damper acts as inflatable, removable and reusable fireplace chimney draft stopper plug to stop cold chimney drafts and odors from entering your customers’ homes.  Multiple sizes available. 


Help cool down the attic with radiant barrier foil.  The extremely shiny surface intercepts and blocks 95% infrared heat radiating down from the roof during summer.  Helps with sweating ducts at night or early morning, stops heat transfer into ducts or HVAC equipment that is located in the attic. Each roll is 48 inches wide by 300 feet long, cuts easily with scissors.


This is a 3 oz. refill bottle of smoke fluid for the Smoke Pencil Pro Draft Detector Stick. This non-toxic mixture of water, glycol and glycerine is specifically formulated to generate highly visable smoke with your Smoke Pencil. Please only use this genuine smoke fluid in your Smoke Pencil to ensure its proper, safe and long lasting operation.  According to OSHA (1910.1200) this product is non-hazardous. 



The 3M Particulate Filter is useful against toxic dusts and mists.  The filter will work in either of our 3M 6000 respirators. Two to a pack.

*Please note, MWW items require a $50 minimum order (can be combined with other MWW items).


Single unit retail price is listed below.  Licensed HVAC Contractors are eligible for volume discount pricing, call 800-933-5656 for a quotation, or email us here.


Replacement bags for the Insulation Vacuum Machines.  Larger, stronger, easier to use and these will fit any brand vacuum! This new version has the following features:


 Use to air balance a HVAC system according to room by room load calculation.  Use to show the effects of closing bedroom doors.  Use to show bathroom exhaus


This kit includes a Dual Input Differential high resolution manometer with a protective boot, two 1/8" barbed NPT fittings, two  1/8" barbed T fittings, two static tips, (2) 3’ ft  flexible silicone tubing and a soft padded carrying case with shoulder strap. The manometer features a ±120” H2O range and 0.001” H2O resolution, and reads seven units of pressure: inH2O, mbar, KPa, PSI, mmH2O, mmHg, inHg. The gauge also has auto power off, backlight display, zero function and trim mode to stabilize readings.