Featured Items


The Retrotec DucTester with Model 300 fan is designed specifically to measure residential duct leakage. It is used to locate duct leaks and to measure the results of duct sealing. Use this model to verify duct leakage for compliance with codes such as Title 24 in California.


Grill Masks are the best way to temporarily cover heating registers and grills.  Grill Masks are desgned to be low tack, won't remove paint and leave no residue.  Two sizes to choose from. 


Single unit retail price is listed below.  Licensed HVAC Contractors are eligible for volume discount pricing, call 800-933-5656 for a quotation, or email us here.


 Rapid set up modular hard panel door, durable fan and automated digital gauge.  Ideal for testing super tight to super leaky residential and commercial buildings. 


The Dwyer Static Pressure Probe is available for purchase separate from the TPI Dual Input Differential Manometer Gauge Kit (Static Pressure Kit) for your convenience. Does not include tubing, probe only.


The Comfort Institute Air Duct Cleaning Package is built around the 20 HP General Power Vacuum.  The General delivers airflow of 5,250 CFM to the duct for massive wind velocity and cleaning power.  Also, just as important to a strong collection vacuum, Hurricane Compressed Air Whips and Rotating Brushes aid in the cleaning of air ducts.  The Hurricane Systems works with your high pressure air compressor to air-wash the interior of the duct system to remove loose dirt and non-adhered debris.  For tougher cleaning jobs


Help cool down the attic with radiant barrier foil.  The extremely shiny surface intercepts and blocks 95% infrared heat radiating down from the roof during summer.  Helps with sweating ducts at night or early morning, stops heat transfer into ducts or HVAC equipment that is located in the attic. Each roll is 48 inches wide by 300 feet long, cuts easily with scissors.


The Consumer Protection Warning Postcards are designed for mailers for your customers or prospects.  It stresses not buying new equipment until they have read Special Report #2, "Tips and Secrets to Buying a New Heating and Cooling System", available here.  Can be used as a postcard, or mailed in conjunction with Special Report #2.  Large yellow envelopes are available here. Sold in boxes of 1500.


 A 2-channel infrared thermometer with laser sighting and integrated NTC air thermometer.  Includes protective cap, batteries and calibration certificate.


The 770 is a state-of-the-art carbon monoxide instrument designed to measure CO in ambient air. This palm-sized unit displays readings in 1ppm increments.  Use this gauge to measure and monitor ambient CO levels in home and office spaces from 0 to 999ppm . A visual and audible alarm indicates unsafe CO levels (The audible alarm can be switched off, if desired).  The gauge displays the maximum CO reading in PPM since the power has been on, as well as the time in hours and minutes the gauge has been on.