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Retrotec Hard Panel Infiltrometer Blower Door

 Rapid set up modular hard panel door, durable fan and automated digital gauge.  Ideal for testing super tight to super leaky residential and commercial buildings.  Includes a DM32 Wifi Digital Manometer gauge, 20' umbilical cord, a 2350 model fan, and a hard door panel set in a case. 

Can also be purchased with the CI tool kit that includes an exterior extension tubing and wind dampener, 2 50' of red tubing on a winder, a smoke puffer cleaner rod, a 36" bungee cord, 2 heavy duty door wedges, an 8" Grill Mask dispenser, and an LED flashlight all packed in a durable 24" Red Canvas Duffle Bag.



Warranty Information

2 year limited equipment warranty.  90 day warranty on frames & cloth and accessories.  For claims, call Retrotec @ (604)732-0142.  Click here for full warranty details.

SYS-123 Retrotec DM32 Wifi Infiltrometer$5,495.00
SYS-123A Retrotec Wifi DM32 Infiltrometer w/Tool Kit$5,635.00
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