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Retrotec DucTester System

The Retrotec DucTester with Model 300 fan is designed specifically to measure residential duct leakage. It is used to locate duct leaks and to measure the results of duct sealing. Use this model to verify duct leakage for compliance with codes such as Title 24 in California. The DucTester can also be used in conjunction with a blower door to neutralize duct leaks to indoors so that only duct leakage to outdoors is measured. The new Model 300 fan is lighter, smaller, sturdier, with a more powerful motor.  It now offers a continuous range from 2.5 CFM to 750 CFM with a wide coverage on each range, and can go as low as .02 CFM with the included range plates.  The updated quick change range plates are attached with magnets- no more velcro straps! 

Retrotec DucTester Operation:

The DucTester will pressurize or depressurize a duct system (with the air handler off) from the main return grille (or blower access opening).  The rest of the register openings are taped shut.  Duct pressure is measured by static probes in the supply ducts.
Airflow is determined by reading flow directly from the Digital Manometer and no computer is required. Setup, taping the registers and getting results takes less than 20 minutes in most homes.

Package Includes:

DucTester Unit with Model 300 fan with range plugs
DM32 Digital Manometer Gauge (DM32 Wifi can be substituted for the DM32 for an additional cost.  Should you wish to upgrade, please add to cart from options below)
12.5 foot flex-duct with flanges for mounting on the return register
1 roll of 12" blue Grill Mask


Warranty Information

2 year limited equipment warranty.  90 day warranty on frames & cloth and accessories.  For claims, call Retrotec @ (604)732-0142.  Click here for full warranty details.

RET-341 Retrotec DucTesting System with DM32 and Model 300 fan$1,950.00
RET-ADD Updgrade to DM32 with WiFi$300.00
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