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Chimney Balloon

The Chimney Balloon fireplace damper acts as inflatable, removable and reusable fireplace chimney draft stopper plug to stop cold chimney drafts and odors from entering your customers’ homes.  Multiple sizes available. 

Please note, these prices are wholesale only, and are not available to the general public.  Proof of contractor or HVAC license or business may be required to complete order. We reserve the right to refuse orders.


CHI-001 9 X 9 Chimney Balloon$34.00
CHI-002 9 X 15 Chimney Balloon$34.00
CHI-003 12 x 12 Chimney Balloon$38.00
CHI-004 24 x 12 Chimney Balloon$38.00
CHI-005 36 X 15 Chimney Balloon$43.00
CHI-006 HEK Handle Extender$12.00
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